Apr. 2017 Expenses

Well folks April expenses went up quite a bit, and it hurts a little.  Some of these expenses I could control (but I did not), and others were “needed,” but just happened to fall in … Continue reading Apr. 2017 Expenses

My current questions about FIRE

Thus far my blog has been a bunch of motivational posts trying to get some of my friends to consider their spending habits and the possibilities of FIRE.  There were also some spending updates, and a … Continue reading My current questions about FIRE

Mar. 2017 Expenses

March 2017 expenses, let’s get down to it.  The month kicked off with a trip with my MINI friends to Maine to visit two group members who were working there for a long-term project.  We rented out … Continue reading Mar. 2017 Expenses

It’s not about the budget. Really.

When people list out the steps to Financial Independence, they talk about setting a budget as a way to start.  While I agree knowing how to setup a budget is a good skill set to … Continue reading It’s not about the budget. Really.

Feb. 2017 Expenses

My apologies readers…a combination of work stress with a lack of motivation has me behind on posts, but I’m back to share a bit more of my life with you.  The cold month of February had … Continue reading Feb. 2017 Expenses

I retired for one day

Figuratively speaking that is.  Yesterday was President’s day and my services were not needed at work so I spent the day alone seeing what life would be like retired while others worked.  The night before … Continue reading I retired for one day

Jan. 2017 Expenses

January was a pretty light month and tends to be tradition for me.  Recovering from the holidays combined with cold weather usually has me hibernating a bit and my expenses for the month are reflective of that … Continue reading Jan. 2017 Expenses

“YOLO!” Yeah not so much.

The definition of YOLO is: You only live once (expressing the view that one should make the most of the present moment without worrying about the future, and often used as a rationale for impulsive … Continue reading “YOLO!” Yeah not so much.

2016 Expenses and Tweaks for 2017

In the category of “late but better than never” I present to you my expenses for 2016 and what I plan to tweak going forward for further savings.  I use Personal Capital to track all … Continue reading 2016 Expenses and Tweaks for 2017

The cost of rushing

My good friend Benjamin Franklin always said “Time is Money.” His saying is often tossed around in the workplace but it can really add up at home as well.  Unless you are a contractor, doctor, lawyer, … Continue reading The cost of rushing