Blog liftoff!

….ok settle down folks this isn’t Cape Canaveral, but I took advantage of a Black Friday sale for website hosting and decided to start a blog.  I’ve meant to start a blog for some time now to detail my thoughts and after coming up with a name that was broad enough to encompass my ideas, I figured why not…. let’s create the umpteenth blog out there to clutter the interwebs.

In this blog I intend to talk about a few topics:

  • Financial Independence.  How do we define “financially independent?”  Where do we start?  What are the benefits?
  • Computer Programming and blogging.  I rope both of them together because they are two areas I hope to learn something and satisfy my curiosity with technology.
  • Minimalism.  Why I practice it and how it benefits me and possibly you.
  • Vanlife / Nomadic living.  For those that enjoy being on the road and traveling, there are many ways to accomplish this and I’d like to address my thoughts on this topic including vanlife in the US and living abroad.

So there you have it, my first blog post.  AntiGroundhogDay is a play on the popular 1980s movie “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray.  Though I’m dating myself a bit, the title really shows my creativity (am I right?), and came to me while thinking about how bored I get doing the same thing over and over with work and my life.  So let’s start something new, shall we?


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