Expenses: The Big Three

Back in the day I was very into backpacking, specifically ultralight backpacking.  By carrying less stuff, this minimalistic practice allowed me to hike further and see more of the wild.  I initially saw having less … Continue reading Expenses: The Big Three

Have you found your tribe yet?

When you go against the norm (work til ya drop?) it helps to surround yourself with those that support your goals and can encourage you to reach that next level.  Whether it be to lower your … Continue reading Have you found your tribe yet?

Evaluating checking account signup bonuses

Often times you’ll receive teaser offers from banks for signing up for various products they offer.  Being that the market is currently overvalued, as I grow closer to financial independence I find myself becoming more conservative … Continue reading Evaluating checking account signup bonuses

“FIRE” and why it is important to me

“FIRE” is a term that’s often mentioned in the early retirement community meaning Financial Independence / Retire Early.  It’s the personally defined goal all early retirement bloggers are striving for when they initially start on their saving … Continue reading “FIRE” and why it is important to me

Moving forward…

I’ve made some progress on the backend of the blog since my last post.  I’ve picked a theme, setup website downtime monitoring, configured email subscriptions with SPAM filtering, as well as tweaked my About and Contact … Continue reading Moving forward…

Backing up your blog

Ok, so before I get too far down the road with this blogging thing I thought it might be a good idea to back things up. Here’s a couple of reasons why: I’m new to … Continue reading Backing up your blog