Moving forward…

I’ve made some progress on the backend of the blog since my last post.  I’ve picked a theme, setup website downtime monitoring, configured email subscriptions with SPAM filtering, as well as tweaked my About and Contact pages.

Picking a theme is a purely personal decision.  My only advice here is to focus on themes that suit your needs (blogging, online store, display a portfolio, etc.), use the various filters on and then make sure the theme is “reactive” so that it auto-formats for any screen/device you may use whether it be your mobile phone, a tablet, or a monitor connected to your desktop PC.  On a basic level, from there it’s really about the layout that is aesthetically pleasing and a whole slew of nuances related to plugins, menus, and other features.  But don’t fret, themes can be changed at any time with some work on the layout and compatibility with features used in your old theme.

SPAM reduction was a two step process for me using Contact Form 7, a plugin that allows for the creation of easy contact forms within your site that integrates with Akismet’s anti-spam service by linking it to a Google API key.  Secondly I implemented Google’s reCAPTCHA service in the form to further help with any SPAM coming my way.

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