Have you found your tribe yet?

When you go against the norm (work til ya drop?) it helps to surround yourself with those that support your goals and can encourage you to reach that next level.  Whether it be to lower your budget, maximize your tax advantaged savings for the year, pay for a vacation on the cheap, or minimize your taxes in retirement, these people “get it.”  Having access to your tribe to help you flush out ideas and provide motivation towards FIRE helps immensely.

It may be difficult to find members of the Financial Independence community close by, but luckily the Internet comes through with a huge knowledge base that has really helped me. Let me make some introductions….

Mr. Money Moustache
A forum for Financial Independence / Early Retirement folks that was originated from the man himself.  Mr. Money Moustache is often times credited with helping start the FIRE moment with many of his blog posts providing my motivation for getting on this early retirement train.

Early Retirement Extreme
For those looking to go hardcore and generally aim for a savings rate north of 60% to get out of the rat race in as soon as 5 years, this is where you want to hang out.  Jacob founded the forum and blog a long time ago and is considered a founder of the FIRE movement as well.  You get that status when you live on $7,000 / year.

A “Boglehead” is a follower of the investment philosophies of John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard and father of the first index mutual fund.  His followers believe in low cost, tax efficient, long term investment strategies.  For the beginner, the investment philosophy is laid out in these easily digestible videos.  It’s a good place to find sound advice on investing.

Your path to Financial Independence doesn’t have to involve just stocks and bonds, it can come from real estate investing as well.  If being a landlord is more your style, this is a great place to start.

This forum has been around for a long time and tends to cater to older folks closer to typical retirement age in your 60s.  A large storage of knowledge can be found here.

Reddit – Financial Independence
Reddit – FRUGAL
Reddit – minimalism

Mustachians in Practice
Dividend Growth Investing
Childfree Mustachians
Dough Rollers
Mustachians on Facebook
Investing and Personal Finance Club
Next Level Minimalism
Minimalist Lifestyle
The Minimalist Life
I want to be a minimalist

Financial Independence can be achieved many ways, and once obtained that freedom can open so many different opportunities for each individual.  Use these forums to take it all in and formulate a plan that works for you.


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  1. This post is reminiscent of some of our early email threads when I first inquired about your strategies.

  2. What a great resource.
    This post should be bookmarked by anyone considering early retirement.

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