Mar. 2017 Expenses

March 2017 expenses, let’s get down to it.  The month kicked off with a trip with my MINI friends to Maine to visit two group members who were working there for a long-term project.  We rented out a large house via Airbnb and piled in there for a few days.  While it wasn’t as cheap as we had originally planned, it was about as cheap as a hotel if I were splitting it with a friend for two nights at $160.

As per our usual when we get together, there was some dining out, a bit of drinking, plus a nice group dinner at the house.  I have to admit, there is an unaccounted for dinner or two in there that I paid for with cash I had leftover from the New Year, maybe $50 additional?  So a nice weekend with friends, and while they catch me cringing at times with costs, they’re good friends.  I enjoy myself and we all laugh a ton.

Please note: I won’t be having a cold lobster roll again anytime soon.

For the remainder of the month I proceeded to hit up four more eating establishments ranging from a taco truck to a brewery.  Luckily, I had enough Joylent on hand from the previous month so the lack of grocery bills offset the abnormal restaurant spending.  Other than eating out, it was largely the usual spending with a small utility bill, some gas, gym dues, cable modem, car insurance, and HOA fees….oh, and a reusable tool I use to floss my teeth even with my damaged hand from an old motorcycle accident.  Anyway, damn those restaurants!  Let’s look at the numbers downloaded from Personal Capital:

Some things to note:

  • Those restuarants costs can hit you hard when you’re not looking.  They jumped to my third highest spending category this month.
  • Though I didn’t hypermile on my trip to Maine, I did even better… carpooled with two friends.
  • Where I got ahead with the Airbnb rental was not the cost, but the services.  I had a private bedroom, large area for friends to hang out all day/night, Netflix and cable TV, plus a full kitchen and grill to cook group meals together.  I much prefer to rent a McMansion with friends over a hotel room.
  • Thankfully I have minimized my Big Three expenses so long weekend trips and a good deal of restaurants thrown in still had me coming in under $1,000 in expenses this month.

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